Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LOVE AND HIP HOP DRAMA: The Scrappy And Stevie J Fight Scene Was EDITED . . . So That Scrappy Wouldn't VIOLATE HIS PAROLE!!! (Wanna Know What REALLY Happened)

: MediaTakeOut.com spoke to an INSIDER who works at the VH1 hit show LOVE AND HIP HOP. And that fight that was aired last night, between Stevie J and Scrappy was HEAVILY EDITED.
You see, the producers know that Scrappy is CURRENTLY on parole - so if they showed him ASSAULTING Stevie J - then well, he'd get LOCKED UP.
So they showed the "fight" last night, which began when Stevie J suggested that he SLEPT with Scrappy's babys mother, showed the two men wrestling a little - but nothing popped off. But the producers SKIPPED OVER a major part of the event . . . the part where Stevie J got KO'd!!
Here's what happened according to someone who was there (ALLEGEDLY - #nosnitchin#)
Scrappy punched Stevie in the face and he fell out. Then [Scrappy and his manager] stomped out Stevie. When the security pulled Scrappy off, Stevie regained his consciousness and started wrestling with Scrappy.
That's why when you saw Stevie get up [on the show] he was all groggy.
We're told that Scrappy and his lawyers ALLEGEDLY (#nosnitchin#) asked producers to remove anything that could get him violated . . . and they did.
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